WP Super Popup

WP Super Popup is a free and open source WordPress plugin which makes you able to create modal, unblockable and attractive popups for your blog.

It is proved that a modal and graphically attractive popup (like the one generated by this plugin) can have an high conversion! For example you can use it for creating subscription forms or to promote your products in a viral way.

The most powerful features which WP Super Popup provides are:

  • Real WYSIWYG: The popup content is not affected by the stylesheets of your blog so what you edit is EXACTLY what you will see inside the popup
  • Live preview: you can directly test any update before saving the configuration options
  • Full compatibility with any caching plugin: the cookies are handled on the client side so the popup display function is not affected by issues related to a caching system
  • Inclusion of external URL: you can create a popup which displays a content coming from an external URL


Latest version (12th of Feb, 2010): wp-super-popup.0.2.zip

If you derive some benefit from this code, please consider showing your gratitude in a more tangible way. Thanks!